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by | Mar 23, 2020 | Blog | 4 comments

In order to understand the company OliveUs, I will first tell you about myself. So, who am I and why am I writing this blog? My name is Kathryn and I am first and foremost a nurse. At the age of 6, I already had a strong sense of what my life calling would be. I was given the nickname “playground police” because I was the first to any class injury or playground fall with my nursing kit of bandages and antiseptic cream. In high school, I pursued many different interests, including fashion, but was sold on a career of nursing after being a volunteer at a local hospital. At that time, I would make all of my formal and prom dresses for school and talk about designing scrubs once in the industry.

Once nursing school occupied all of my time, I realized that creating my scrubs would not only be too time consuming, but also not worth the investment since personal designs cost more than simply purchasing the higher quality scrubs. After graduating with my doctorate in nursing at University of San Diego, I accepted two new positions in emergency medicine as a nurse practitioner and started a hormonal therapy clinic with my partner at the time. My partner and I discussed many aspects of the business we wanted to create together and while the medicine was typically our main focus, I kept bringing up selling scrubs in the front office. Knowing that making scrubs for one office would never benefit us financially, that conversation never transpired into anything concrete. Unfortunately relationships don’t always work out the way you want, and ours came to a sudden end; I felt like I lost everything I had worked so hard for. 

After an extremely tough couple of months, I made a conscious decision to put my energy towards something positive and productive: OliveUs. I was constantly thinking of new concepts for medical uniforms and loved the idea of wearing something that I felt secure in. Security comes in the form of comfort, fashion, and functionality. When people feel good in their clothes and skin, they look more confident, and able to perform in their role better with a sense of security. Bending, twisting, and moving are job requirements for just about every medical professional and if we had security in our clothing, we could focus more of our time on patient care and day to day activities.

Right after finalizing the decision to move forward with OliveUs, I started cranking out pencil-drawn designs for both males and females. Once the designs that I liked were completed, the surveying started. I started my surveys with simple questions and then had more broad questions for people to expand on in the end. Many healthcare providers over a dozen states participated. After research and surveys were completed, the designs were redrawn and taken to a pattern and sample maker in Los Angeles using Italian cotton for the fabric. Shortly after, I finalized the trademark name and submitted a patent that is currently pending with an attorney. Finding the right attorney for the job was a challenge in itself.

Now, I am researching the best athletic and uniform fabrics to put together a winning combination for comfort and design. I will have the scrub samples remade again in this fabric when ready. Once the perfect samples are designed and produced, I will consult with manufacturing companies already established for larger scale production. As you already know, I have a webpage. This webpage will be utilized for sales and marketing which will be conducted via the Instagram and Facebook pages. This has and is going to be a lot of work!!

OliveUs are in this together so please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.

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