Why OliveUs

I used to sew my formalwear and “fun outfits” in high school just awaiting the day I could be a nurse and make my own scrubs. As a new grad nurse, I used to get a rash along my neck where my stethoscope was placed so I designed this holder for myself. After graduating with my DNP, I realized I wasn’t the only medical professional who wanted better options. I founded this company to provide my community the accessibility, comfort, and innovative design I always wanted for myself.

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OliveUs Stethoscope Holder

✔ Because ewwwww! 100% of stethoscopes tested at a hospital facility have staph and other bacteria. After cleaning with hospital disinfecting wipes, 50% still have detectable bacteria. Why would you want this touching your face, hair, and neck?

✔ Having the stethoscope around the neck can be a choking hazard in the case of a
temperamental patient.
✔ Thie current neck placement does not align with proper body mechanics of the medical professional.
✔ The inconvenient location makes it common for the instrument to get caught on objects around the room.
✔ How many emails do you get for stethoscopes being placed in lost&found?
✔ Heat from a provider’s neck alters the texture and color, thus minimizing the
effectiveness of the instrument.


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