OliveUs Introduction

OliveUs Introduction


My name is Kathryn Dickson. I am an Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner, and I would like to introduce you to my company OliveUs Medical Apparel.  

I started OliveUs in 2019 after years of frustration over the unhealthy practice of carrying my stethoscope around my neck. A stethoscope is a tool almost all medical professionals always need on hand. Wearing a stethoscope around your neck is a serious workplace hazard. From transmitting bacteria to being an ergonomic risk factor, while having the potential of being a serious choking hazard, the stethoscope should never be worn around your neck. But there is literally nowhere else to carry one which is why so many end up in lost and found. I became determined to develop medical apparel that would accommodate this life saving device and diagnostic tool in a way that is both efficient and holistic.

Medical professionals all around the world wear a similar uniform: scrubs. They are as important as any other professional uniform in keeping both the wearer and the public safe. The functionality of scrubs has not changed in decades while the responsibilities of medical professionals is an ever-evolving landscape. OliveUs Medical Apparel brings fresh new design, function, and utility to this essential apparel market.

Working in a busy hospital is a demanding and exhausting profession. We wear the same clothes every day: scrubs. I chose my career at a very young age. From elementary school through completing my doctorate, I never wavered about what type of work I wanted to do and I’m proud of my profession and accomplishments. But as a professional woman, I also care about how I present myself. The clothes we wear make a defining statement about who we are. I never found scrubs that were comfortable, functional, and tasteful. I want to feel good about how I present myself while performing my job.

Scrubs are a washable tool belt. Just like any tool belt, it needs to have space for the essentials of the workplace. Currently available scrubs do not accommodate the most basic tools needed in the hospital. OliveUs scrubs are different! With a stethoscope holder sewn into the waistband, designated pockets for scissors, cell phone, id cards, pens, and a badge clip holder, OliveUs have a space for everything medical professionals need. Made with superior bacteria resistant fabric and flattering styles, this innovative, patent pending design is a game changer for the medical apparel marketplace.

I am a hard-working nurse practitioner who scrimped and saved, while working extraordinary hours on the front line during the Covid crisis to bring my idea to a tangible product. I am fully self-funded, and all my designs are my own creation. The response to my scrubs has been phenomenal, with over 6 million views on Instagram and raving reviews from the medical professionals who are now wearing them. Please give them a try and let me know what you think so I can continue to deliver better apparel options for OliveUs.

Stay healthy!

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