Why the Olive in OliveUs?

I am so glad you asked! There are three main reasons for this name but many more have developed since the formation of this company. When I was a very little girl around the age of 5, I had quite a temper and would throw frequent tantrums over various life challenges. Challenges included things like the seams in my socks not aligning with my 5th digits, not being able to find the princess tiara to my cowgirl boots, or simply the word “no”. I am sure there are other parents that would be able to sympathize with my own, for raising me was a challenge. Olives were my favorite food at that time, practically a food group in itself growing up. Therefore, when my temper got the best of me, my parents would give me a green olive as a distraction. It became a running joke in the family and every Christmas since, my parents have given me a Costco size jar of green olives for the upcoming year’s tantrums. Olives were my childhood comfort food. Now, for the second reason. An olive branch is a sign of peace. Olives gave me peace growing up and I did not even understand the meaning behind the symbolism at the time. I love the idea of bringing peace and comfort into someone else’s already hectic day by providing scrubs that are meant for active healthcare professionals. Lastly, as a healthcare professional in many different roles, both inpatient and outpatient, I understand the demands of the scrubs we wear and how important reliability is for improving teamwork. Healthcare is not a one-person show. It takes OliveUs as a community to support healthcare workers, so they can support their team members at work, so our patients can be cared for property, and so our community can function as a whole. This brand is for OliveUs healthcare professions and from OliveUs as a thank you for caring for our community.  

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